Download ephea™ AURA’s product sheet and learn more about its remarkable qualities,
and how it contributes to a positive transformation of the fashion industry.

ephea™️ is an unprecedented class of naturally superior, functional, high quality materials, for Fashion
and beyond.

With ephea™️, SQIM brings to market an entirely new class of flexible mycelium materials.

ephea™️ is not a leather replacement, but rather a set of products setting a new standard, thanks to the values, functionalities and overall opportunities provided by mycelium-based biofabrication.

ephea™️ harnesses the potential expressed by fungal microorganisms to allow for a fundamental shift from an extractive/exploitative to a thoroughly (re-)generative production paradigm rooted in bio-fabrication.

In such way, ephea™️ demonstrates that innovative natural materials hold the factual promise for the creation of a near future where human activities and the rhythms of the larger ecosystem are not in conflict with each other.

Growing the Future of Materials for Fashion & beyond…

Maxi Hooded Wrap Coat, realised with ephea™️ – image courtesy of Balenciaga

Maxi Hooded Wrap Coat, realised with ephea™️ – image courtesy of Balenciaga

Maxi Hooded Wrap Coat, realised with ephea™️ – image courtesy of Balenciaga

Tote Bag, realised with ephea™️

Tote Bag detail, realised with ephea™️

Rigid Box Bag, realised with ephea™️

Trench Coat, realised with ephea™️

Trench Coat detail, realised with ephea™️

Bomber Jacket, realised with ephea™️

Detail of ephea™️ suede-like material

Wallets, realised with ephea™️

Detail of ephea™️ signature material

The magic of fermentation

Thanks to a patented fermentation technology and to a deep understanding of the the related bio-technological processes, we let mycelium growing on low-value feedstocks, transforming them into innovative, high-value, and effectively responsible materials.

ephea™️ is not passively deriving from other supply chains, but it is literally grown; therefore, it is possible to affect multiple parameters driving mycelium’s biological growth-cycle, to influence and optimize the deriving material’s properties.

Moreover, mycelium could be ideally grown in any size and shape, since fungi are capable of colonising the provided nutritive feedstocks, according to the shape and dimension of the mould they grow in.

All together, ephea™️ materials are based on a re-generative paradigm, driven by biofabrication processes, requiring very limited inputs, and ensuring to lower the customers’ environmental footprint, as in line with global and local regulation and policies, and according to company’s and groups’ internal targets.

Ranging from an appreciation for its premium haptics, to the validated reactivity along processes of downstream transformation, ephea™️ has received recognition by high-end industrial actors exposed to the product, evaluating it as the leading mycelium-based alternative.

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